The Avalanche Has Begun

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The Big To-Do About Really Nothing + WHAT IS IMPORTANT

Currently everyone seems to be over wrought about politics, on both sides. The Democrats seem to be almost foaming at the mouth daily about Trump. The Republicans seem to want to blame the congressional Democrats for their own lack luster performance. It has become tiring to everyone to watch this yip-yap every day with little getting done on healthcare or taxes.

Let’s all take a collective breath here and take a logical real-world view. If Clinton had won do you truly and honestly think YOUR life would be different today? If you’re completely honest with yourself, the answer is an emphatic NO. It makes little difference in the average citizen’s daily life who is POTUS. We all have to go to school or work, we would STILL be worried about the same things; family, finances, friends,health, etc. At the end of the day, no matter Trump or Clinton, when either left office they would still be filthy rich and unaware of the average person’s daily struggles to raise families, meet financial obligations, maintain their health, put food on the table and pay taxes to finance governments, state, local, and federal , which have become increasing unresponsive to their needs.

The governments, (all), have become more of a country club of over-paid whiners instead of representatives of the people who put them in office. They have their OWN health care plan, and somehow,on a salary of $174,000 a year or more, manage to become multi-millionaires in just a few short years. How? They kow-tow to lobbyists and special interest groups for re-election funds, and if these group’s interests conflict with your’s and mine, well guess who gets the cheese!

The founding fathers NEVER intended politics to be a “career” path, rather an honor and a chance to serve your fellow countrymen. They left their businesses and jobs to SERVE, not be served, and where expected to return to their jobs and businesses after a SHORT term in government.

We have, over the decades, created 535 “Count Draculas” who, as my mother used to say, are more than happy to suck the public trough dry. I heard someone say just the other day, “the difference between an honest politician and a crooked one is about 1 year in office. My Grandpa used to say, “the only difference between the government and the Mafia is that the Mafia makes a profit.”

Stop and think, we have got to a point where the people who makes policies and laws for US, the average citizens of the country,  most of them, have NEVER held a regular, real-world job, other the public sector, a place where your politics is far more important than your performance.

In my opinion, we need to stop looking UP to these people until they actually start looking OUT for US.

Happy trails to you….

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Why MSM is desperate to take down Trump

Bypass MSM

First let me say I am not a Republican or Democrat, rather I would consider, if I have to use a label, I am what I would like to think of as a conservative libertarian. In the last election, had he been given a chance in the primaries, I would have voted for Jim Webb (D). Also, I find President Trump to be a man determined to make everything he would like to do very difficult because of his demeanor and bombast.

I have been around quite a while, several decades, and like former President Carter, I can’t recall the main stream media trying so hard to destroy a politician, let alone a President, ever. This leads one to wonder why?

The integrity and character of the print and video press has become non-existent. I can remember a newscaster named Cronkite who, during his working career, never showed a political bent for one side or the other,he simply reported the news and let the viewer decide. It was not until after he retired that one could tell he was extremely liberal. The same can be said of Huntley and Brinkley, Murrow, and numerous others. So why now it is so very obvious to even the casual watcher that all of MSM is hell-bent to take down the President?

The answer is very simple, and extremely obvious. They and their bosses are convinced they are in a fight for their very existence, and the more biased they become, they may very well be right. President Trump realized something they had not; simply that he did not need to play nice with them to get out his message. Twitter seems to be his favorite, but wait till he starts on Facebook and WordPress. The media have finally been caught by someone who refuses to kowtow to them and the extreme liberal bias they have shown over the last 15-20 years.

Stop and think for just a minute, do you ever remember them going after Obama, Hillary, or Bill Clinton as gleefully and viciously as they have Trump? If you’re honest with yourself the answer is no, never.

What MSM fears most is NOT Trump, but the IDEA that someone can go around them to put out their message and agenda. This is sacrilegious!!!! And heaven forbid John Q. Citizen would start thinking for themselves! Why the people of this country might even start researching their output and find that a great deal of what Trump says about them is true!! This, in the eyes of Main Stream Media, simply cannot be allowed, and it must be nipped in the bud before some other wise acre tries it. They have been bought and paid for by the extreme liberal left, and aren’t about to even consider non-biased reporting, it’s not what they’re being paid for.

They are, and rightly so, scared to death Americans are about to pull back the curtain and expose the “Wizard” for what it is, a tool for the advance of socialism and minimalism in America. Heaven forbid John Q. Citizen should start thinking for themselves, looking at how really bent and warped their reporting is! It could mean the end of MSM.

I hope that Americans will start looking with highly skeptical eyes at the lop-sided, politically driven drivel they are witnessing every evening from these so-called “journalists” who are bought and paid for by the liberals. Maybe then we can get back to reporting the news without bias so that the public can make up their own minds on issues without the tremendous slant and prejudice that is being shown now.

I, like most Americans, am completely capable of deciding what I think about issues, I don’t need or want your personal views injected into the stories as though they are facts.

Start reporting without bias, or in the fast paced, internet driven world of today, someone else will!!!

Read this article, it may open your eyes:

No matter where you go–there you are.. Happy trails..

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The NFL vs. 90% of Their Fan Base

The date 9/24/17 may well be remembered as the day professional football began to die. The NFL and its commissioner, and most of the team owners seem to be oblivious to 2 things; the meaning of the National Anthem to their fans, and what the American flag stands for to most people.

The fan base  of the NFL is not the intellectual,liberal, wealthy, elitist type that many of the owners and Commissioner seem to be, they are hard-working, mostly what would be termed blue-collar Americans who have either served in the military or have family members that have. They WORK for a living everyday, expect all that are able to do so also and pull their own weight, raise families, pay taxes, and have little or no idea what it is like to make millions of dollars per year. they watch the NFL strictly for one reason and that is to be entertained, they could care less about the political and social opinions of the football players/entertainers that they are watching.


Most of them were brought up with a sense of  respect for the flag and the national anthem, and more importantly for those who died fighting for the freedoms that we all enjoy today. Many of their relatives have served in the military, and for a lot of them  they have lost close family members fighting for flag and country.


These are the people who pour millions of dollars into the pockets of the NFL. They do not care that these millionaire football players feel some social entitlement  to be able to disrespect their country and the military. They, I predict, will simply refuse to support this kind of behavior and will vote with their feet and wallets and find something better to do on Sundays. I know that I will, and I hope you do too, they are after all, only spoiled children playing a game and whining when they don’t get their way.

God Bless America..







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The Season of Reason


As the world seems to spin out of control, people hating each other, hurting each other, whining and complaining about most everything, we come to a small break in the year when most of us turn our thoughts to religion, and more importantly, to trying to help each other, and what’s really important in life.

This break unfortunately for most, the spirit of this season fades almost as fast as it comes, but for a few weeks, we actually consider the plight of our fellow humans, and what life’s true bounty is really about. It makes no difference how big or small our bank accounts are, or how many material things we possess, in the end, we are all lowered into the same size graves.

What does matter is who we stopped to help along the way, who we inspired to greater things, and how many hearts we touched along life’s way. The people who make a difference for others are seldom famous or rich, they just try to leave the people they meet and their world better for their having been here.

During this very short break in the seasons, be thankful for what you have, take a little longer to help those in need, and most of all remember the journey ends a lot quicker than you think, and all that is REALLY left is the people you love, the people who love you, and the memories you leave with those you meet along the way. At the end of your journey, whenever that comes, these are the only things that truly matter.

God Bless each and every one of you.


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As I See It From The Porch

Just a few short months ago, the Democratic Party was reveling in what they thought would be a cakewalk to the White House. In my opinion, had they chosen a different candidate, they would almost be at the finish line now. Because of the flawed candidate they have chosen, who seems to be plagued with not only a less than casual relationship with the truth, but scandals and arrogance that seems to return from the not too distant past to put the proverbial bite on her posterior. In other words, as we like to say in the South,” that dog won’t hunt at all.”

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                                                           THE WAY I SEE IT

Liberals today seem to take great joy in bashing Donald Trump, however, the way I see it, every voter should consider the following before making a selection in November.

If you’re satisfied with every week or two, Americans being slaughtered in the United States by radicalized, nutcase, Muslims who have been indoctrinated by ISIS, then by all means, please vote for Hillary.

If you’re satisfied with young people working hard to get college degrees and then finding there is no work for them, no way to pay back their college debts, and no way for them to make an honest living from their degrees, then by all means, please vote for Hillary.

If you think that our military forces are able to handle any threat, foreign or domestic terrorism for an example, if you think our military’s current status is just fine with you, if you think our veterans are receiving the healthcare they should in a timely manner, then by all means please vote for Hillary.

If you think that a politician can change their stand on almost every issue in eight short years, then by all means please vote for Hillary.

If you think that it’s okay for a presidential candidate to go in front of a Senate committee and lie repeatedly, and tell the same lies to the American public, and more importantly, to the families of dead soldiers and dead Americans, then please vote for Hillary.

If you think that Americans have become more united and less racially divided, in the last eight years, if you are happy to see innocent police officers slaughtered because someone dislikes, or thinks one of them across the country out of the many thousands, committed a crime for which they have yet to be tried, or even have investigated, then please vote for Hillary.

If you think it’s okay for a government official to put the country at risk by not following a government policy, and allowing classified information to more or less be put everywhere on the Internet, placing intelligence and military operatives at risk of death, with no repercussions to the government official, then please vote for Hillary.

If you think it’s okay for a presidential candidate to run on a platform of women’s rights while allowing their spouse to more or less commit rape and abuse their position of power and then turn around and trash the women who accused the spouse of such actions, then please vote for Hillary.

If you want a candidate who takes donations from foreign countries who have avowed a hatred of the United States, and from the large corporations that most liberals wail against, then please vote for Hillary.

I know not what Donald Trump would do as president, although I suspect he would at least strengthen our military, and not be obligated by large donations from Wall Street, and foreign countries that support terrorism, I DO KNOW from her track record that Hillary Clinton would say or do anything out of expediency and to get elected.

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