In sales and in life all to often we don’t really listen to others. Our families, our associates, our clients, our friends, all are trying to relate their opinions, their feelings, their emotions to us. We simply need to listen. ALL of us are guilty of  indifference and pre-occupation to the conversations of others. How many times has someone said to you, “I told you that last week? Don’t you remember?”. Or worse yet, ” Are you listening to me?”.  In today’s world, we all are victims of hectic schedules, bad moods. Sometimes we just plain feel bad.

Not listening is a hard habit to break, but if you can remember at the start of a conversation, ” I respect this person, they are trying to relate information, feelings, emotions, or concerns to me, I need to listen“, we all will find friendships, relationships, client relationships, deepen and become stronger.

As someone once put it, I can’t remember who:

“No sound in the word is more pleasing to someone than the sound of their own voice,”

Really listen to others for a month, see if the change isn’t positive.

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