As we make our individual journeys through life, we come into the world as natural born salespeople. As an infant, since we are unable to talk yet, we try to “sell” the idea that we need attention by crying and screaming. At a slightly older age we still can’t speak, but we “sell” the idea of what we want by pointing and crying if our desire or need isn’t met.

Next, when we learn to talk, I want or I need, because of etc., etc., becomes the norm. Later, when we become more articulate, we “sell” the idea we want or need something because everybody has it, we can’t do this or that without it, our siblings have it, etc.

We try as teens to “sell” our friends and classmates on the concept we are “cool”. We try to “sell” the opposite sex on ourselves as desireable.

Later, we “sell” people on things like: it would be a great idea to hire me, it would be a great idea to marry me, etc. In our everyday lives we try to “sell” our wants like “Honey, it would be great for me to play golf and get the exercise” , If we had a boat the WHOLE family would enjoy it, etc, you get the idea..

Christopher Columbus was a GREAT salesman. Image if you will imagine trying to sell the Queen of Spain on the idea of financing a trip to what was thought to be NO WHERE, at the time. Whether it is a want, need, or concept, we SELL ourselves everyday.

In essence the best “salespeople” you know are your kids, your spouse, your friends!!!


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