We require doctors to get a degree and pass a test and have access to medical equipment, we train our soldiers and provide them with the latest military equipment, we even require people to pass a test to drive a car, yet every year American Businesses hire thousands of new workers, train them very little, if at all, and send them into the marketplace with outdated and insufficient training and equipment, and expect them to be successful!!!

Sales and Office managers, even VPs and above are promoted on sales numbers or time on the job, NOT because they know how to mentor people. The prevailing philosophy is ” I put in my time, or I made great sales numbers, now as a Manager I can take it easy and manage through fear and intimidation.” Nothing could be FARTHER from reality. As a Manger or Supervisor you have the RESPONSIBILITY of all who work under you, AND their families!! You are responsible to TRAIN and MENTOR these people to give them the tools they need to be a success!!

No one I know responds well to threats or intimidation, these are attitude killers, production killers, and just plain don’t work. No one will go the extra mile for a Boss they hate, but 90% will work like hell for those they like and respect. When someone takes a position of control of a workforce, they should realize it is their DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to TRAIN and MENTOR , not browbeat into submission. This requires more hours, more resources, and much harder work than the workforce you supervise.

It is true that some people just never quite get the requirements of their jobs in your workforce, but it is up to you to train them and equip them with the tools needed. IF you have done that to the BEST of your ability as a supervisor, then and only then, can you consider a replacement. Think of it like this,” If I had to set down with this person’s family and explain their dismissal, could I HONESTLY look them in the eye and say I did ALL I could to help him or her succeed? Never ask  your workforce to do something you would not do yourself, for example, if you want them to account for their time, give them YOUR weekly schedule, they will respect you for it.

American business is growing a culture in management of LAZY BULLIES, not mentors and trainers, and the companies who have realized this mentality doesn’t work are the ones who are the most successful, not only in sales and production, but in retention of QUALITY employees. A great supervisor is thought of with respect and friendship, not fear and loathing.

Great supervisors are rarely the BEST salespeople, or the person with seniority, but rather those who are willing to put in LONG HOURS, mentoring, training, and learning to empathize with their workforce. Simple things like getting to know your workforce AND their families and showing concern for their well-being can get FAR more  than arguments and intimidation.

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