One of the greatest quotes I have ever heard was the following;
“People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel.”
The author of this quote is unknown, which is unfortunate as we could all learn a great deal from he or she.  If you look back upon your life, and think of those who had a positive influence most certainly they made you feel important and respected.

Small things like what you say and do can make a tremendous difference in how you are perceived. First impressions are important, never seat at yourself before your client or prospect.  If you have never met this person before use terms of respect like Mr. Mrs. Dr. etc.  It will go a long way in beginning to establish a relationship between you.

Using terms like, I understand, how do you feel about it?, What is your opinion?, I certainly understand how you feel, what can you and I together do to improve this?, Etc.  Using terms like, we, you and I, together, working together as a team, and what are your perceptions of the idea?  Will go a long way toward closing your sale.

Showing respect for others, treating them as equals, and establishing rapport are essential to getting and keeping clients, as Benjamin Franklin once said,” Nothing is so pleasing to a man as the sound of his own voice.”.You must respect your prospect or client’s opinions and feelings.  In general, no one buys anything from someone they dislike.  Getting and keeping clients is based on mutual respect and trust, sales people who do not understand this are constantly trying to refill their client base.
Don’t be one of those people, show respect, build rapport, try to make a friend as well as a client and you will find not only a growing client base, but a wealth of referrals also.

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