Team Building

Everything, including team building, has to have a place to start.  In order to build a team, the team must have a leader.  In most cases in business the leader is the manager, sales manager, director, or the owner.

If the leader is not engaged in the idea of building a team all is lost from the start.  No one will follow someone they do not respect.  As the leader, you must engage your team members in the idea of supporting and helping each other.  As a manager or director, you can appoint your best people as team leaders.  However, it’s been my experience throughout the years, especially in the field of sales, you will find it difficult to engage your production leaders to mentor and train others without incentives.  Top performers see mentoring and training others as time intrusion, and may also feel that this is a function of a manager or director.

This problem can be easily rectified by simply offering either individual incentives to your top performers, or team incentives in which they share.  You may think that these top performers are already compensated enough.

There is an old adage in the sales game that you get 80% of your production from 20% of your top performers.  This in general is a true statement.  However, stop and think, if you raised production from your 80% of lesser producers by just 10% per person your sales and/or production would almost double.  If you think of it this way, building a solid inter-working team is a no brainer.

Achieve Your Dreams can help you organize, set up, and motivate these teams.  Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish, call today and let us help you motivate, set team goals, and enthuse your people so that they, and you, can Achieve Your Dreams.

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