I am at the age now when I unfortunately see several friends and colleagues in sickness and eventually passing on. As I visit them in hospitals and at home the thought has struck me that none of them, when speaking of their lives, as said how accomplished they were in their professions, and a few have been very successful in the business arena.

Instead what I hear most is regrets about time lost with family and friends, some wished they had not said or done certain things that had hurt other people. Not a one has ever professed the regret of not spending more time at work, wishing they had more money or material possessions.

When it is all said and done the one thing we miss and misuse the most is our time. Life  after all, is just a series of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years. How we spend them is up to us. More or less, all the money in the world won’t give any of us more time. Money will not replace lost time with family and friends, money won’t erase the mistakes we make with people, money won’t ensure we are remembered by people for our kindnesses and help we gave others and not just for the money. Some of the BEST people I have ever met weren’t rich or powerful, just kind and giving. These people will be remembered not by money or power, but by their attitudes and generosity to others.

As someone once said the true mark of character and integrity is how we treat people who have less than us and can do nothing for us. In closing, Time is the true capital we have to spend, not money; How will you spend your capital?

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