Today it seems an order for someone to win, someone must be defeated.  This is not always the case, if you look at winning as exceeding your personal best, then you really don’t have to defeat someone to be a winner.


If we were to look at success in life as a game of golf, where the only person we are playing against is ourselves and our personal best each new time we play, our path to success will be much easier.


If one looks at each new day as a chance to better their skills from the day before, and not as a constant rat race to see if we can better our coworkers and competitors, our path becomes much smoother an easier to tread.


Far too much is made today of being number one.  There can only be one number one, and if finishing second, third, fourth, or even fifth is one’s all time personal best, then believe me you are a winner.


If day by day you are getting better at whatever you do, you are on the road to success!!!!

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