We live in the greatest nation on planet earth, but I see a disturbing trend, the ” I’m Entitled” school of thought. If your neighbor gets a new car are you entitled to get one too? If a friend gets a promotion are you entitled to one too? Of course not.

The one and only thing we are entitled to in this country is freedom of opportunity. Don’t like your job? get a new one. Don’t like your pay? ask for a raise or search for an opportunity that pays better.

You have the opportunity to get an education or training to increase your worth in the marketplace. You have the opportunity to work at something you love, your passion, you have freedom of opportunity.

The idea of “I’m Entitled” has been creeping into the American mindset for several years. The great thing about America is the idea you don’t have to work at something you hate. You have the freedom to better yourself, work at something you love, and be paid on the merits of your work. That is what the country is founded on.

You are entitled to one thing in America, and that thing is opportunity!!!!

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