Today, perhaps more than ever before, one thing is certain; change is inevitable. In order to lead successful lives, both professionally and personally, we must learn to adapt to change.

As I speak to people publicly and privately, the fear of change is always a predominant topic. People fear change in their professional lives and in their personal lives. Unfortunately, those who don’t learn to adapt to change are usually left behind.

The fear of change in professional situations can mostly be attributed to the fear of not being able to learn new processes and procedures. Technology has taken us to the point where learning is a lifelong requirement, not something we can do if we have the time. No longer can we simply rely on experience and seniority to carry us through. The person who thinks that they can simply rely on position or seniority to carry them through a career will soon be passed by like a speeding bullet by someone who is willing and capable of learning new processes and procedures.

We all also suffer this fear of change and learning in our personal lives. We fear that our family relationships, our friends, and even our spouses and children’s feelings toward us will change as they change. Life, like a flowing river, never stands still.

How do we adapt to this flux and constant change? There is truly only one answer: we must learn. Do not be afraid to ask to learn. I have learned over many years that there are truly very, very, few dumb questions. There are however, a multitude of useless answers. The solution to adapting to change is to find a mentor, or a teacher, or someone who knows the processes and procedures, or in the case of family life, who has went through these changes. Seek knowledge about change from knowledgeable people and you will never have to fear change again. It sounds deceptively simple, but it is the answer.

Fear of change is more fear of asking to learn from those who have the knowledge than it is fear of change. As you go through life realize one thing, if you’re not learning, seeking knowledge and experience from those who have it, you are doomed to live in fear of change.

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  1. truly changes specially now a days is truly inevitable, and I am truly happy that I am able to read post like this that lifts up my spirit and encourage me that every things happening is part of changes …. thank u for sharing…

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