Do you have goals? Do you have dreams? Are you living your goals and dreams, or just getting by day to day? What is holding you back from reaching for your dreams and goals? The answer is obvious, it is THE NEXT STEP!

Many live in fear of the unknown and change. We are in a comfort zone that we have designed for ourselves, the problem lies in the fact that the comfort zone becomes a plush lined coffin, it is comfortable, it is safe,and we are familiar with every square inch of it. It requires nothing of us except that we stay within its confines. We know if we stay in it we are safe and tomorrow will be exactly like yesterday and the yesterday before that. We FEAR leaving this cocoon we have surrounded ourselves with. Many of us know full well that no dreams, goals, or achievements can be made from this cocoon, but we stay because we know it is safe and comfortable.

The one thing I am certain of is that life is much shorter than we all realize, and if you want to fulfill your dreams and goals you must take THE NEXT STEP. It is time to leave your comfort zone, your plush lined coffin where you are slowly dying, and pursue your dreams and goals. Is it safe? Probably not. Will it require sacrifices and plans and discipline? Absolutely!

But here is the biggest question of all, will you be happier pursuing your dreams and goals than you are in your cocoon, your plush line coffin? If these dreams and goals are your true passion you know for yourself the answer is yes!

It is time to dare to chase and fulfill your goals and dreams, do not wait until that plush lined coffin is slowly lowered into the ground. Start planning today to fulfill your life’s dreams and desires, and become the success that your Creator intended.

You have more inner power than you have ever dreamed of, start living a life of happiness and fulfillment and put that personal power into action. Remember, dreams, ideas, plans, goals are in the end just fantasies without ACTION! Do not spend one more day in that cocoon, that plush lined coffin, GET OUT AND LIVE A LIFE OF PASSION!!!

By Bob Teague

Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Keynote Speaker

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  1. Great post, Bob. For those that are afraid of THE NEXT STEP, perhaps you are thinking THE NEXT STEP is bigger than you can manage. I promise you, that if you think THE NEXT STEP is too big to take, then it is not THE NEXT STEP. First, take stock in what you have already done… as Bob said, you have more INNER POWER than you think. Next, find the real THE NEXT STEP by breaking down your false next step into smaller chunks. If you work at it, you WILL find a small enough thing to do next that you can believe you can do, and that is THE NEXT STEP!

  2. Reblogged this on Leading in the 21st Century and commented:
    My blogging buddy, Bob Teague (From a Road Warrior) wrote a great blog about taking THE NEXT STEP. Read it and know that if you look you will find THE NEXT STEP. When I teach goals, I tell people to figure out something they can do RIGHT NOW to move their goal forward. This is what Bob means by THE NEXT STEP!

    If you are still thinking that THE NEXT STEP is daunting, then read my comment following Bob’s post. As Bob says, you have more inner power than you think. But if your next step is too big to believe, then it can be broken down to find what is truly THE NEXT STEP!

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