Having been an owner of several canine” Children” over the years, especially Golden Retrievers, I am of the opinion that humans could learn a lot about Thanksgiving from our canine companions.

Several of the things we could learn, we already know but we don’t practice these things, however, they come natural to our fur covered friends.

We could learn first to stop worrying about yesterday, I have yet to see a dog spend a day worrying or having recriminations about anything that happened yesterday. They live without guilt simply because they have none.

We could learn to appreciate the sheer joy of each new day, and the great pleasure of being able to interact with each other.  I have yet to see my golden refuse the trip to the dog park to play with his friends.  There is no hesitation on his part to be with others of his kind, he looks upon it with great anticipation, as a chance to play and interact with his kind, and the wonderful chance to make a new friend, have a new experience, and see and feel the unknown.

Also, we can learn that being with family, friends, and others is something we should be grateful for, nothing pleases a dog more than the anticipation of spending time with their human family, they care not what flaws we humans carry with us.  We can also learn that love is given without expectation of anything in return.  A dog is probably the only friend you will ever have that truly loves you more than he loves himself.

Complete relaxation at the end of the day is another thing that we can learn from our canine companions.  They do not fret over the events of the day, but simply learn to relax and rest in anticipation of a brand-new day tomorrow.  They live for the moment and the anticipation of the possibilities that tomorrow will bring, they live to give and receive love, expecting absolutely nothing in return.  Their greatest joy is in the attention they receive from us, they have no concept of petty bickering, jealousy, or hatred.

They also truly appreciate whatever they receive, large or small, good or bad, they are simply grateful for the food and attention they are given, they could care less if it is the latest, or the best as do humans. They carry no concept of wealth, poverty, power, or fame, they are content to be what and who they are without regrets or desire for more than shelter, food, and affection. Their lives in essence are pure and without fault, they live to please their humans, seeking little or nothing for themselves, only our love and attention. What a shame we cannot learn these lessons from them.

Over the years I have become convinced that it is no coincidence that the Creator of the universe saw to it that in our language the word “dog” is an anagram for God.



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