One of the great” buzzwords” of today seems to be change. We hear it constantly, you must change to be relevant, those who cannot change will be left behind, change is sweeping across the country, the globe. It also seems to need to come, according to the Futurists, at an ever increasing pace soon to become very close to the speed of light.

I have no doubt that as technology and processes advance that change is inevitable. Also, due mostly to technology, I believe the speed of change in certain things will indeed increase. However, I also see a trend in society of this same need for light-speed change that seems to be creeping into behaviors, and people’s personal lives.

For example, society, advertising, peer pressure, and perhaps a general dissatisfaction with either ourselves or our lives, somehow seems to make us think that it is no longer suitable to exist with last year’s model of a computer, cell phone, tablet, automobile, or a myriad of other things. Have people really become such self-centered sheep that they think they just can’t possibly make do with last year’s model??

We all hear a lot of talk about government debt and spending, and most that I speak with seem to think that it is horrible that the government seems to keep on spending money that they don’t have, but yet we all seem to be fascinated and compelled to spend money either we don’t have, or could be well spent, or saved elsewhere, just to get the latest model of something. And today, like never ever before, we are perfectly willing to dispose and throw away anything that develops a problem rather than have it repaired. If you don’t believe this, try to find someone to come to your house to repair your television, furniture, kitchen appliances, lawn mower, etc. etc.. We would much rather in most cases throw these things away then have them repaired even, in the unlikely event, that we can find someone to repair them.

However, my greatest fear is that in society as a whole we seem to be letting this compulsion for” change” creep into our decision-making when it comes to the most important aspects of our lives, our relationships, our careers, even with some, our faith. I fear we’re becoming much too quick to dispose of some of these things as opposed to trying to repair them. Don’t like your job? Quit, get another one. Having some problems with your spouse? Divorce, get a different one. Questioning your faith? Change, get another one.

My point to this is simple, we need to start assessing whether we need to make renewed and prolonged efforts to repair things and relationships before we decide in our” light–speed change” society that they really and truly need to be changed or replaced and cannot be repaired.

God bless your house, and all who dwell within.

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