Everyone I know, or I have ever met, has  faith. They have faith in literally thousands of things. They have faith that the sun will rise in the morning, they have faith in their families, friends, etc.. They have faith that their car will start in the morning, that they still have a job to go to, that they will not be struck by lightning when they exit their homes, most have faith that there will be a today, a tomorrow, a next week, a next month, a next year.

It would be very difficult for anyone to live without faith in certain things. If you did not have any faith at all, the anxiety of the next moment, the next hour, the next day would be totally debilitating. In essence, in order to survive and interact with other human beings you must have faith of some kind and put it into action.

What boggles my mind, is some of these same people struggle with faith in a supreme being.  Some humans, I think , are the most egotistical of all beings and animals on the planet. Anyone who really believes that there is no God of any kind and the planet and all that is on it was conceived from a giant explosion billions of years ago, and it just so happens that humans ” evolved” from the remnants of this giant explosion without some kind of divine intervention truly has an ego that is definitely larger than I ever care to deal with.

I have had conversations with scientists, and acquaintances who tell me of their atheistic beliefs and espouse evolution as the only answer. When the conversation ends, I look at them and pose one question – – If you sincerely believe what you have told me, and we work from the premise of your argument and assume it is true, then my question becomes if we trace everything through your beliefs back to the first atom, the first neutron, the first proton, the first pulse of energy that ever existed, please tell me where it came from?

I never seem to get a plausible answer to that question. My intention here is not to change anyone’s beliefs or non-beliefs, it is simply a statement by me of wonder and amazement that some people live their daily lives with faith in almost everything except the possibility that there was, and is indeed a divine intelligence to our very existence.

I will sign off with a personal note, as I end all my speeches and presentations,

” May God bless your house and all who dwell within.”

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    • I agree, but when so many search for answers there are ALWAYS those who want to provide them, or twist them to their own ends. I have read recently of a gospel of Thomas that supposedly was banned by the Catholic Church hundreds of years ago, that espouses that there is in truth no need for Churches, that the “Church” is within every man and woman, they just need to look for it. Interesting viewpoint.

  1. It would be very difficult for me to live with out faith and trust. There are times things came and challenge the faith with in me but I survived to all the tough ones because of it.

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