For or Against You?

People are not against you; they are for themselves…..

What does this mean? It simply means that given choices, people in general will choose the choice that is best for them personally. Although you may wish to guide or persuade these people into a different choice, most will always choose what is best for them personally. They don’t do this out of any hate or dislike for you, but rather, they choose the path that will benefit them the most.

If you wish to persuade them otherwise, then it is up to you to show them the benefits or in some cases the responsibilities they have, that will benefit them by doing it your way. It is true in some cases that people will go out of their way to harm you and your plans simply out of hate or spite, however, this happens very rarely, but sometimes we like to think otherwise, simply as an excuse for our inability to persuade them to our way of thinking, or our plan of action.

There are many reasons why people do the things they do; personal gain, recognition, moral, ethical, and religious values, protecting their own status quo, or simply out of the fear of change. To convince them otherwise you must first entice them out of their comfort zone, show them your plan of action, and convinced them that your plan is better for them than the plan that they would normally follow by themselves.

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  1. For me, i look at the choices based upon my vaues and choose or at least consider the options accordingly. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of inertia in the world today, much of it bolstered or fueled by disparate ideologies…

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