This is not a political post, it is a trend of today that I am commenting on. Statistics today are like a deck of cards in a magicians hands, if you have enough skill you can make the cards do anything you wish, and so it is today with statistics. Many people use these statistics as facts upon which they base arguments for one thing or another, or one point of view or another.

Common sense however, is based mostly on what you were taught as a child and what you have experienced in your life, and have personally seen what others have experienced in theirs.

There seems to be a severe lack of common sense in today’s world. We take for granted that everything we read, supposedly based on facts or statistics, is true, even if it contradicts our own common sense based on personal and personally based experiences.

As an example, our government keeps telling us we need to spend money on this program or that program, television ads tell us we need to buy this product or that service, when common sense tells us that neither the government or our own personal budget has any discretionary monies to spend.

It is not rocket science to realize that if the government is $17 trillion dollars in debt it can ill afford to spend anything extra. Likewise as individuals, we know that most of us cannot afford a 2 or $3 million home, a new Ferrari in the driveway, or a 30 or $40,000 cruise around the world.

The government spins statistics to show that this spending package or that spending package will not raise the national debt, but common sense tells us different. It is too bad that the citizens of the country cannot operate their budgets like the government. If we could we would all have that new Ferrari, perhaps two or three of them, a million-dollar home or two, and everyone would be on a cruise somewhere. Can’t afford it? Just raise your personal debt ceiling to match your debts, if your debts get close to the ceiling, just raise it again.

The problem here is that someday, probably in the not too distant future, these debts will come due. There will be a point when the government, or our financial system, will become so overburdened with debt it will collapse. More than likely when this date draws near, the government will then try to rectify the problem by raising taxes to levels never before even dreamed of.

You see, the government brings in no revenue, no monies, it manufactures nothing, it produces nothing with the singular exception of government jobs, which are paid by the revenue the government collects from people who work in the private sector. The citizens are the moneymaking engine that drives the government, without taxes the government has no money to spend.

In conclusion, while this date of disaster may be years away, stop and think, do we really want to put the burden of all this debt upon the shoulders and backs of our children? Or for that matter, depending upon our age now, do we really want to shoulder this burden in the future?

The next time you hear some huckster from one party or another, or one pitching one product or another, spouting statistics to show you that it really is affordable, or not going to increase the national debt, listen to that little voice in the back of your head called” Common Sense”.

God bless your house and all who dwell within.

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