Dream jobFirst of all let me state that I am not trying to dash anyone’s dream, nor put down the idea that it is good to work in a position that allows you to feel joy in your accomplishments.

I wish this post to be somewhat of a reality check for younger,(and I mean anyone under 50), who is been drinking the Kool-Aid of some of the new age gurus in the bookstores and on television. I know this will come as a shock to many of the twentysomething generation, but there is absolutely, positively no ” perfect” job.

If one were to listen to many of the new age gurus and authors one might think that there are these so-called perfect, dream jobs, and all that is required is perseverance to find them. Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.

The next shock that I’m about to deliver is that the main purpose of work is to earn money, not to feel enthralled in ecstasy because you have a job that you feel is so self -satisfying you don’t care if you get paid or not. Things you will need over the course of your life will include a home, health insurance, probably an automobile,clothes,(unless you intend to run a nudist camp for a living), money for retirement, unless you intend to work till you drop, leisure money,etc. etc. and food.Should you be so inclined as to want a family, you can double or quadruple the money you will need to simply live life and raise your family.

I have been watching with growing interest in the statements and writings of some of these wonderful, new age, pundits and advice “experts” who seem to think that life is all about petting the unicorns, finding the leprechaun with a pot of gold, and going through life depending upon the presence of fairy dust to solve most of life’s problems..While it is a good thing to find satisfaction in your work, work exists simply to allow you to do the same.

All jobs and positions are simply an exchange of talent or skill, or time for a reward of money. The money, for most, will allow them to pursue the most important aspects of life which are the enjoyment of your family, and by this I mean spending time with them, pursuit of all different kinds of hobbies, and the satisfaction that life offers simply through these experiences.

I will hear the argument from many that money isn’t everything, and this is  true. The argument some will give is that” money is the root of all evil”, however what the Bible really says is that the love of money is the root of all evil, and this also is true. Another truism was stated many years ago by my friend Zig Ziglar, who stated” money isn’t everything in life, but when you really, really need it, it’s fairly close to oxygen.”

The final truism of life that I will relate to you is this, even if you find a job that you absolutely positively love and it pays more than enough for you to fulfill most of your basic life wants and needs, at some point you will have to deal with coworkers, or other people in this position and you will find them very, very difficult to love, or in some cases even tolerate.. The one thing that you can be sure of is that if something seems to be perfect, somebody, somewhere, sometime will find a way to either find fault with it, or paraphrasing what we used to say in the service, they will mess it up beyond all recognition.

While I’m not trying to burst the bubble of the younger generation, I really do think it’s time somebody started telling them the real purpose of a job or career in their lives. I don’t mean to give the impression that work cannot be satisfying, rewarding and downright pleasant most of the time. Perhaps the best way I can explain this is to always keep in mind that work is exchanging your time and talent in one way or another to receive enough money to pursue what is really important in life and that is family, faith, inspiring and helping others, and probably most important, the time to ponder and appreciate the true gift that the creator has given each of us – – – a chance.
God bless your house and all who dwell within.



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