confusedI have been around for quite awhile, some would say perhaps too long, and I find myself in complete wonderment and confusion of the Presidential race this year. On one side we have what can best be termed an uniformed, extremely wealthy, crude, egomaniac. On the other side we have two elderly socialists, one a proven liar, who apparently thinks she is somehow “entitled” to the nomination, and another who thinks everyone should have everything, with no regard to who and how to pay for it.

Are we at such a point that no truly qualified, honest, people with character and integrity will serve as President? If not, where are they? Where are people like Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, or Reagan? Where are statesmen like Jefferson, Franklin, Monroe, Adams or Madison, who believed it was a privilege to serve their countrymen not an ego or power trip?

Surely there are people in America today who have the welfare of the country above all else who could be on the ballot? What has changed in this country that makes these people not want to serve? We have, I believe,  never been in more perilous times, yet we cannot find people of character and integrity with a desire to serve rather than rule. If this is the case we are all in serious and dire trouble.

God help the future generations of Americans if ANY of the three candidates I mentioned earlier gets elected.

This is my opinion, but it is based on many, many years of experience and observation.

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