As the world seems to spin out of control, people hating each other, hurting each other, whining and complaining about most everything, we come to a small break in the year when most of us turn our thoughts to religion, and more importantly, to trying to help each other, and what’s really important in life.

This break unfortunately for most, the spirit of this season fades almost as fast as it comes, but for a few weeks, we actually consider the plight of our fellow humans, and what life’s true bounty is really about. It makes no difference how big or small our bank accounts are, or how many material things we possess, in the end, we are all lowered into the same size graves.

What does matter is who we stopped to help along the way, who we inspired to greater things, and how many hearts we touched along life’s way. The people who make a difference for others are seldom famous or rich, they just try to leave the people they meet and their world better for their having been here.

During this very short break in the seasons, be thankful for what you have, take a little longer to help those in need, and most of all remember the journey ends a lot quicker than you think, and all that is REALLY left is the people you love, the people who love you, and the memories you leave with those you meet along the way. At the end of your journey, whenever that comes, these are the only things that truly matter.

God Bless each and every one of you.


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