The date 9/24/17 may well be remembered as the day professional football began to die. The NFL and its commissioner, and most of the team owners seem to be oblivious to 2 things; the meaning of the National Anthem to their fans, and what the American flag stands for to most people.

The fan base  of the NFL is not the intellectual,liberal, wealthy, elitist type that many of the owners and Commissioner seem to be, they are hard-working, mostly what would be termed blue-collar Americans who have either served in the military or have family members that have. They WORK for a living everyday, expect all that are able to do so also and pull their own weight, raise families, pay taxes, and have little or no idea what it is like to make millions of dollars per year. they watch the NFL strictly for one reason and that is to be entertained, they could care less about the political and social opinions of the football players/entertainers that they are watching.


Most of them were brought up with a sense of  respect for the flag and the national anthem, and more importantly for those who died fighting for the freedoms that we all enjoy today. Many of their relatives have served in the military, and for a lot of them  they have lost close family members fighting for flag and country.


These are the people who pour millions of dollars into the pockets of the NFL. They do not care that these millionaire football players feel some social entitlement  to be able to disrespect their country and the military. They, I predict, will simply refuse to support this kind of behavior and will vote with their feet and wallets and find something better to do on Sundays. I know that I will, and I hope you do too, they are after all, only spoiled children playing a game and whining when they don’t get their way.

God Bless America..







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