The news media, forced to do it, has opened a can of worms the size of Texas. Charlie Rose, and Today’s Matt Lauer are unfortunately, just the first rumble of an onslaught that will bury many, many more. The arrogance displayed by some of these “journalism” icons certainly is a match for the same behavior shown in Hollywood.

The “average Joe” in America today can be fired for such comments as “You certainly look very pretty today,” or Heaven forbid someone says “you look sexy today”, even if it’s another woman.

Meanwhile, back at the networks, these tremendously overpaid news readers seem to think that somehow they are exempt from the law. They can grope, threaten, proposition, fondle, and generally harass these women and interns because they are “stars” of the morning or evening news shows. Friends, they READ the news from a TelePrompter and smile when appropriate and laugh a lot. Do this really put them above the law? Where are the CEOs and Human Resources officers of these networks? Don’t kid yourself they know about these incidents and only respond when forced to. In general, in my opinion, the news media execs and so-called “stars” have the morals and integrity of a pit viper. If they will use their positions for sexually inappropriate behavior, it is certainly not a stretch to think they might bend or even invent news stories that suit their political leanings.

Too bad in these days of cloning sheep, we can’t clone Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley.

Happy Trails….

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