First let me say that this is an opinion piece, and it is my opinion.
Having lived over seven decades and on this planet I view politics nowadays kind of like someone watching rats on a sinking ship. The rats can’t decide whether to cling to the ship, or try their hand at swimming when they know they can’t swim.

I can remember a time when the Democratic Party was the party of the working man/woman, unions and workers alike, average Americans trying to reach for the American dream and raise a family, that is who the Democratic Party had as their base. Unfortunately, over the last 20 to 30 years the Democratic Party has moved away from this base. Their agenda now seems to lend itself toward at best, socialism, and at worst communism. They no longer care about average Americans, what they care about now is two things, absolute control of the government, and moving this country toward a socialist, perhaps even communist agenda.

As we can plainly see by today’s headlines, compromise, working for the average American’s agenda is out of the question for these far, far left liberals. After several decades of liberal educators, mostly in colleges and universities, filling our young people’s heads with the mush and agenda that everything should be free, work is not a requirement to get whatever you want, it should just be given to you and if you don’t like something you have every right to change it by violence without regard of who you hurt or what laws you break because law enforcement is your enemy, this is what we have come to.

If we were to think logically, let’s look at the liberal’s new Satan, President Donald Trump. While the following is true of him; he definitely has a large ego, he will never be a Thomas Jefferson or George Washington, although he may be a lot like Andrew Jackson, he fights the mainstream media at every chance, (although in my opinion he really should because they have become little more than the mouthpiece for the liberal left), small things seem to set him off on a twitter rant, and he acts more like a tough CEO than the” father of the country”, let us consider this.
The stock market has reached all-time highs under his administration. As of today the job market is better than has been in 20 years, companies that moved plants to other countries are now moving them back, has provided one of the largest tax cuts in recent memory, the GNP is higher than it has been in the past 16 years.
Logically, the average American worker, trying to raise a family, and get his or her piece of the American dream should be elated at these accomplishments. The liberals would have you believe that the country is in terrible, terrible shape. Really? I for one don’t think so. I do however think that it is time for the average American who cares about his family and works for a living to take a long hard look at the agenda of the liberal left.
Let us do that now logically, since winning the House, let’s look at the first  bills they introduced, they want to impeach Trump, they want funding for healthcare for illegal aliens, they changed the rules in the house of representatives so that now they can vote on bills without recording the votes so no one knows who voted for what. If they decide to vote to raise your taxes you might want to know who voted in favor of it.Also, not surprisingly, some states have now passed laws to give convicted felons back the right to vote, this couldn’t be more obvious as an attempt to get more Democratic votes than anything I’ve seen recently. No convicted felon would vote for a pro-law enforcement conservative candidate.

It has become blatantly obvious that the liberal, far left Democratic Party has left the average American worker and the average American family out of any plans they have for the country.
At least to me, it seems as though the Democratic Party is all about HATE. They hate Donald Trump so much that this hate has become their number one agenda, and more or less, to hell with the American public. I shudder to think what would happen to this country if they were to gain complete control of everything, the presidency, the house and the Senate.
Logic dictates that there can only be a set number of unskilled alien workers in this country before they outnumber the jobs available to them. When this happens, and they are living here one of two things happens, the government must tax you pay for them, or just to survive, they turn to crime. This is logic.
Logic would also tell you that in order to have healthcare for all,” socialism” someone has to pay for it and it will be you, the American family, the American worker, the people whom America is really all about.
As I stated in the beginning this is an opinion piece, and it is just my opinion, but I believe it’s time for those silent, hard-working, Americans who are trying to raise families and have a decent life, and I include those aliens who are here legally, to stand up and say the same now famous line,” I am mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore”.
God bless.

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