Today we as a society, seem to be infatuated with so-called “Social Media”, we are so addicted to it that people actually fall down on the street while looking at their cell phones, have car wrecks trying to answer text messages, and in general pay little attention to the physical presence of anyone else.
As someone said the other day, we used to think that stupidity was caused by the lack of access to knowledge, but social media has certainly proved that to be a fallacy.
There is nothing ” social” about social media. No one using it actually looks at anyone else, or speaks to them, or has any general conversation other than some anachronisms that come with texting. Likewise,” media”, which means the exchange of information, is not there either unless you are interested in what people had for lunch or dinner, or pictures of their cats and dogs. We have isolated ourselves into an online prison which we think is informative.
I agree every now and then it’s nice to catch up with what friends and family are doing, but most people take it to extremes. We don’t have” real conversations” anymore, we just seem to text each other and post on social media. Families hardly talk to each other at the dinner table because they’re all checking their cell phones.
Here’s my thought for the day, put down the cell phones, go talk to your friends and neighbors face-to-face, start a rule that there will be no cell phones at dinner, and talk to each other, look each other in the eye and have a meaningful conversation.
You might be surprised at what you learn about your own little world by doing so. It might not help but it sure couldn’t hurt anything.
God bless….

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