I hear a lot today about what is the new” NORMAL”, what people think is a big change in what they consider to be normalcy and what the general population does, guidelines, regulations, etc., aside, people are still people and normal is still normal.

Want proof of what I’m saying? I suggest you take a small visit to Home Depot, Lowe’s home supply, the Walmart” garden” center, Costco, Target, Kroger’s, or anything else the ” government” deemed to be an essential store for everyday life. You will find the parking lots packed, the stores packed, 50 to 70% of the shoppers not wearing masks or gloves, and watching you will find that 6 feet have suddenly turned into 3 feet if you’re lucky.

I am not making a judgment here, except to say that humans are independent beings, some are more cautious than others, and above all humans are herd animals. They will not sit and wait for some government officials to ” allow” them to move about freely, but they will take it on their own to do so.

If there is such a thing as a ” new normal” it is that those who are at high risk and have some modicum of common sense will follow the 6-foot rule and wear gloves and masks when shopping. The rest of the ” herd ” will not. This is human nature and has been for thousands of years.

Government, both local and federal, would have you believe that they know best, and only they can decide what is ” safe ” for you. So let’s look at how they do. The most recent incident was the swine flu in 2009, and their performance was dismal then.
What can the government do well? Not the post office, not infrastructure, not budgets, not healthcare, nothing I can think of with the possible exception of the military, and it has never been privatized so we will never know for sure.

My point here is that people are people, and unless you put them in a cage, they will do exactly as they wish, depending upon their level of common sense and risk. Short of declaring martial law across the country, there is no way to contain the flow of people.

The feeble attempts by both local and federal governments to curtail movement and access have failed miserably, possibly creating the beginning of an economic disaster as bad as 1929 or possibly worse.

We need to let people get back to work before they become bankrupt, get businesses flowing, and for those that will listen, keep trying to institute safety measures against this virus. Some will say ” you are putting others at risk with talk like this”, I say it’s either let people go back to earning a living, or prepare to face bread lines, soup kitchens, bankruptcies in the millions, and homelessness like this country has never seen before. We are not tremendously far from that precipice now.

My advice is if you are in a high risk take all the precautions you can, but we need to let people get back to work, and get the supply chain running again, and foremost we ALL need to start buying things that say made in America, we have become too dependent on offshore, foreign countries, for manufacturing life-sustaining materials including drugs, that this country needs to be self-sustaining and beholding to no one.

So here is my suggestion, turn off the 24 /7 news cycle, research everything you hear that directly affects you or your family concerning this virus, ignore all politicians, and go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air. Do not let that all of this stress you out, most of the panic and stress that this man-made catastrophe has caused is being generated the sensationalism of today’s media, which, if you pay attention to today’s media you are misinformed, and if you don’t pay attention, you are uninformed. Carefully scrutinize everything you read and hear, research it, and apply simple logic to it. If you believe the 24/7 media stream if the coronavirus doesn’t get you the stress and sensationalism and doom and gloom of the media will make you sick.

God bless…….

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