We all seem to always be short on time. How many times have you heard “I wish I just had a little more time!”? We rush for work, we rush for meetings, we hurry to get here or there because we must be on time. Do we put this same emphasis on time with our family, time to help a friend, even time to help a stranger we see in genuine need, or even time for ourselves? Probably not, but we should. Life is just sections of time spent on what we deem important.

Age is a skilled teacher. It teaches us far too late that life is about how we spend those precious, fleeting sections of time. Being a senior citizen I have had many dear friends leave this vale of tears, and never once has any of them said, “I wish I’d spent more time at work, or rushing to meaningless meetings or conferences, mostly they all regret how they abused those sacred little sections of time. They regret not spending more of it with family, friends, not being there for the people who are really the only ones who will matter when they’re gone.

After all, careers are nothing more than pieces of time we exchange for money to enable us to enjoy the rest of our time. When we’re younger, time seems to stand still, but as we age, it seems to pick up speed like a fighter jet, till eventually, one day flies right into another.

Take time, for family, for friends, for yourself, and for those in need, and if you are privileged enough to make seven or eight decades on this little blue marble, those who matter most get to remember it. Life is not what you make it, it’s more what you add to it that counts.

God Bless

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