We tell our young some terrible lies about life today and then wonder why they become so unhappy with themselves and life. Here is a short list of just some of them and why they give people unreasonable expectations:

  1. Life is fair. Life isn’t fair, never has been, never will be. LIFE is HARD.
  2. Nothing is impossible. Ever try nailing Jello to a tree? Seriously, in some far distant millennium it may be different, but for now thousands of things are impossible.
  3. A college education will make your life happy. I know plenty of PHDs that are miserable. 
  4. Find your “Dream” job. Any job that requires interaction with others will not always be a dream, in fact, sometimes, it can be a nightmare.
  5. Don’t worry about money, find a job you love. Money isn’t everything, until you don’t have any, then it becomes pretty close to oxygen for survival. 
  6. Sometimes there are “grey” areas. When making life decisions, it is either right or wrong.
  7. Some people are just “lucky”. I have always found the harder I work, the luckier I get.
  8. You Only Live Once. This term is used by adrenaline seekers all the time to justify severe risks to experience the “rush” of adrenaline. I wonder how many have died from it?
  9. Never Give Up. When does something become completely futile? How many other opportunities will you miss? 
  10. Sometimes people are just against you. Mostly people are never against you, rather, they are just for themselves.Convince people that your interests and theirs align.

Finally, never, ever take advice about a decision from someone who has no interest in the outcome.

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