I remember growing up on a farm, some wonderful things about being a child that I often forget as an older adult. How green the grass and clover was, the amazing smell of bacon frying, the divine taste of ice cold watermelon in the summer, the unadulterated joy of homemade ice cream.

The sheer fun of make-believe with toy cars and trucks and building roads for them to run on, I remember the unmistakable joyous smell of the leather in a new baseball glove, the wonderous color of a cardinal or bluebird against the backdrop of a snow-covered tree that has never been matched by any artist on canvas, When you are 4 ft. tall, the beauty and majesty of an 8 ft. sunflower in full bloom.

The wonderful taste of cold iced tea on a blistering hot summer’s day, the miracle of a calf or foal being born and watching them stand on their own only a few minutes later, the complete and utter silence in the woods lying next to a pine tree with the smell of pine surrounding you, all these things and many more come to mind when I look back, the problem we have as adults is simply that we don’t look back near as often as we should. What do you remember???

God bless,

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