All of us love getting gifts, but as I have gotten older, I have found the best gifts are those we can’t see.

As I’ve gotten older, the best gifts I receive are the simplest. A heartfelt thank you for helping someone who I may never see again, but I suppose the very best gift of this nature is a hug, a thank you, and most importantly, a hearty” God bless you”.

We all have been raised in a very materialistic society, raised from infants watching television ads which encourage us to buy more, then as we grow older, we are encouraged to replace things we have already purchased with the ” newest model” of a purchase we already made that may work just fine. This is today’s culture,, we don’t buy for utility or longevity, they encourage us to buy simply for the” status” of purchasing the latest and the greatest.

They say with age comes wisdom. I certainly hope so, because I have tried to avoid the constant societal influence to buy the newest and consume things I really don’t need. I see far too many people with not enough to eat, children who need clothes, food, or education, veterans who have served our country with no home, and people working 2 to 3 jobs just to make ends meet for their family.

I remember once giving a five-dollar tip to a waitress in a buffet-style restaurant, as I walked out she came running toward me and said” Sir, you left this five-dollar bill on the table”, I replied no that is your tip, the woman hugged me and burst into tears. She proceeded to tell me that her husband was very sick and she was working three jobs to try and help pay the bills as he was forced to stop working. I reached into my wallet and gave her all the cash I had and she cried and gave me an enormous hug and told me she had been praying to God for some help and was almost at her wit’s end. I left her my card and told her to call me if she needed more help. I have received many gifts in my life, and I’ve been blessed in many ways, but I have never felt more joy from someone giving me a gift than I felt when that poor lady hugged and thanked me.

Perhaps we all need to reassess the best gifts we are given.

God Bless,

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