I was relaxing by the ocean the other evening when an adage came to mind, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”,— and I pondered this for a while. It’s true when you’re in the middle of a forest you can’t visually see the forest because trees surround you, blocking your line of sight. But we all assume, even if we’ve never been there before, that there are limits to the forest. If you are on a boat in the ocean, when you’re offshore several miles, you can’t see anything but water, but we again assume the coast we left from is still there, and there are other coasts, though they may be far away.

This all set me to thinking about the Creator of the universe, or in my case, God. Sometimes we become mired by circumstances and events and we forget God and even doubt he cares or even exists. However, what if God (and I believe He does), comprises pure intelligence, and has and has no corporeal form, and exists in everything everywhere? He could hear everything we say, know all we do, and waits for us to simply speak with him. I have become more certain of this as I grow older because I now realize that compared to ALL there is to know, the entire sum of all human learning makes even the most brilliant of us mental midgets in the universe’s enormity.

I believe God is everywhere and in everything, including deep inside every human being, just waiting to be acknowledged and asked for guidance. I speak to God every day in gratitude, and I always feel his presence. No matter the name you used to pray to the Creator of all ( after all, God said his name was “I am”) I hope you find peace and grace as well.

God bless

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