I was recently on a social media site and posted what I thought was an innocuous post about small businesses having a troublesome time finding staff, and it was something that I thought needed to be addressed to help these business owners to stay afloat. Unfortunately, this started a deluge of posts about almost everything except the problem I had posted about. This is exactly why social media has become a cesspool rather than the free exchange of ideas. But, after much consideration, it reminded me of a song from my younger days by the Beatles, called Let It Be. The lyric was “when I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, “Let it be, let it be”.

Perhaps we need to tone down our rhetoric, reserve it for solutions rather than complaints, and respect each other. One credo I try to live by is “Only speak when your words are more enlightening than the silence.” One of the significant benefits of the internet is the exchange of information and the exchange of experiences that can help those seeking it. I rarely give advice because over the years I’ve found most people don’t really want it, they want confirmation of a decision they’ve already made, and I NEVER give advice about something I know nothing about.

My Grandpa told me,” son, give everyone you meet the same respect you would like to receive until they give you an overwhelming reason not to, and their opinions should be respected also, even if you don’t agree, nobody is right all the time. Damn, the older I get, the smarter Grandpa’s advice becomes!! Let It Be..

God bless..

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