Sometimes in today’s world, we seem to forget what life is really about. We get so caught up in work, finances, our children, and all the outside activities we commit to that life seems like an endless merry-go-round ride which we can’t escape.

However, I learned a lesson many years ago from an intelligent friend who knew it frustrated me to never seem to be able to stop and enjoy anything because it seemed there was always something left to do, either work-related or some other issue that appeared from nowhere that I thought needed immediate attention. This wise older friend told me, “Bob, believe me, I used to be where you’re at now until I learned the two most important things to find peace and happiness; attitude and gratitude. But one will not last without the other. We all must realize that life itself is precious and the only true happiness comes from gratitude for life itself. We plan for tomorrow, next week, next month, etc. but while we do that someone else who had done the same is taking their last breath, and tomorrow that someone could be any of us. Once you wake up every day grateful for life itself, you will begin to see that this attitude makes you and others in your life extremely more enjoyable. Attitude and gratitude are not choices, but rather decisions we make daily”.

Never let the trivialities of life, no matter how important you think they are, interfere with gratefulness or your attitude. They come first and joy follows.

God bless,

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