Of all the wondrous days of your life, both joyful and sad, there are 2 that stand out most, but you won’t realize how important they were until much later in life.

The first is the day you were born, which 99% of people can’t remember anyway, but someday, through the filter of age and experience, we realize just how important it really was, simply as a matter of cosmic luck, if nothing else. What were the odds of you making it through nine months or so of gestation? What were the odds that your mother and father both wanted to allow you to be born? You were born beating the odds because your heavenly creator wanted it that way, plain and simple.

The second most important day, which is often never, ever realized by some people, is the day in your life, when you get the cosmic, heavenly, realization of why! Some of us stagger through life like we’re lost in a fog until and if we get this revelation of exactly why we’re here. We’re not blinded by some otherworldly light or stuck by a bolt of lightning from out of the blue. It just comes to us, exactly what we want to accomplish, why, and how to go about it. Some might say we discover our life’s passion, but I think it is more likely we discover the purpose for which we designed that 1st most important day. Unfortunately, some never seem to follow that revelation. We get so deeply mired in the rut of daily life we have created for ourselves that digging our way out of it is such a herculean task, we give up.

Some will again say this is when we discover that elusive “life’s passion”, but I think it is more we discover what God had in mind for us from the day he created our souls, and put them in this flimsy mortal shell.

These revelations come to us sometimes early in life, but more often they seek us out later, perhaps when we are at the right stage of age and experience to seek them out. Remember, you are NEVER too old to start, (with certain obvious exceptions), find your reason for being, whatever it is and pursue it with all you have.

God’s peace and grace to all,

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