Everyone thinks that Senior citizens are joyful to have reached the “Golden Years”, and they have left all their cares behind. Nothing could be further from the truth for many.

Seniors wake up constantly to telemarketing calls, sometimes dozens a day, with people trying desperately trying to separate them from their money with scams that range from Medicare, reverse mortgages, fake charities, to having someone impersonate their children, grandchildren, saying they are in the hospital, jail, kidnapped etc. Anything they can think of to separate seniors from their money.

Then we have everyone younger in society treating them with very little respect, assuming that everyone with white hair has to be an Alzheimer’s patient. My question is simple: if every senior is so addled minded, why do you keep electing them to Congress and the White House?

Just look at last year, wear a mask, no wait don’t wear a mask, now wear 2 of them. Don’t leave your house, but make sure and see your Doctor, but don’t go around any sick people! If you need anything, Telehealth, food, almost anything, just hop right on your trusty computer and order it! At one point last year, one senior told me it scared him to go out of the house without a Hazmat suit, a Cross, and a bottle of holy water. Does anybody realize just how many people from 80 to 100 years old have NEVER touched a computer in their lives? Then we come to “smartphones”. Why not just be honest and say these are computers that can make phone calls? Then they tell these older, non-users of technology to call customer service, which is typically answered by a recording that wants to know your date of birth, your address, your phone number,( which they sometimes sell to the people I mentioned earlier), your mothers date of birth, and the results of your last colonoscopy. And when they finally finish your call gets put on hold for sometimes it seems like a good portion of the time you left on earth, only to be answered and again put on hold with the most obnoxious music you have ever heard in your life, or a recording telling you how wonderful the company you just called to complain about is, and how important your call is to them. Really?

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am one of these “Seasoned Citizens” myself. And I can tell you this about aging if you’re younger, prepare yourself to meet more Doctors than you ever wanted to, because almost everything that can ail you has a specialist.

In conclusion, I may complain, as even many younger people do about life. However, it seems to still be way more popular than the alternative.

God bless,

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