I hear a lot today about how America is racist, imperialistic, isolationistic, greedy, corrupt, warmongering, etc. etc.

Let me tell you a little about the America I grew up in. It was, and still is, the only nation on earth where you can come with nothing, not even speaking the native language, and carve out a life for yourself and your family free from oppression, fear, constraints, coercion , and the ability to participate in the decision about who governs you.

My ancestors, like many of yours, came to this country fleeing from many of the negative things I mentioned above. They came legally, through Ellis Island, many having to wait for months of even years to enter. They wanted what America had to offer, a fresh start, a chance to help build a nation, and a better life for their families.

They faced a new life where they didn’t speak the native language, were treated poorly, discriminated against, and for many who had skills such as doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, teachers, etc. , they found themselves unable to translate credentials, and therefore had to take menial jobs at pay far below what they had experienced in their native land. Still they persisted in their new homeland because they knew it was a land of opportunity for freedom and a better life for them and their families. Many came from countries where there where no elections, no freedom, even of speech, and little opportunity.

Was life here better from the start? Probably not, they had to find ways to eke out a living, a way to support their families, but still they persisted, knowing the opportunity and freedom that was the United States of America.

Then came World War I, did they hide from military service? Hardly, they enlisted by the 10s of thousands because they knew the horrors they had left behind. Thousands died knowing their children would never have to experience the reasons THEY had left.

Today we find the same longing from others, to seek the promise of America, but sadly some come here and want this country to more or less become the same country they had fled. America is still the great melting pot of the world, but as with everything that is good, that promise and goodness has to have limits, or frankly, it will disappear and become just another third world country. We must never lose the the promise it holds for the oppressed elsewhere, but we must have SOME kind of limits on the numbers we allow to seek it, otherwise we will perish as so many countries have in the past. We indeed are a country of 100% immigrants, and we should NEVER forget it. But with citizenship comes responsibility, to the country, our fellow citizens, and to ourselves and our children.

Life is not always fair, nor is it easy. Think about your ancestors, the ones who sacrificed so much, sometimes they made the ultimate sacrifice, so that we can enjoy this freedom and opportunity here.

As someone so aptly put it, “ America certainly has a lot of problems , issues, and messes, but having said that, it’s still beats all the other countries in the world.

God Bless America, and God Bless you…..

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