It’s a new year, and just like every other year, some of us make New Year’s resolutions. And for some of us, these are just momentary wishful thoughts, forgotten quickly in the hustle and bustle of life. Some of us take this a bit more seriously, actually writing them down and making a game plan to actually implement them into our lives, and some of us actually do. However, for many, these resolutions simply last until life gets in the way.

I have had friends who showed me their resolution list, which was only slightly shorter than War and Peace. These lists were impossible to remember, let alone to implement. We go forward into a new year hoping it will be better, we will be better, and we will correct all our flaws, forgetting the fact that we are human, social animals and try as we might, we’re always going to have flaws.

Here’s a thought, what is it we really, really want for the new year? We want to simply DO BETTER than last year. So I suggest you write your list of only 5 to 10 things, let’s make it real. Number them1 through 5 or 10, and beside each one, simply write these two simple words; DO BETTER. After all, that’s what we really want, isn’t it? We will never be perfect, but we can always be better.

Happy New Year, and God bless..

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