For the past two weeks, the world has watched a lesson in the cost of freedom. It does not come free, but we have seen the courage, determination, and fortitude that it takes to maintain it. Americans are not accustomed to fighting battles inside the United States to preserve the cost of freedom. We have grown to use our military into the world’s policemen, but this battle, if lost, could, in the not-to-distant future, come to our shores as well.. The Ukrainians are truly the ” David” in this story with the Russian bear being the “Goliath”. The fate of the Ukrainians has yet to be decided, but we need to do everything possible to help these courageous, freedom-loving people. Unlike Americans, they know that heavy burden of tyranny and oppression, and they refuse to bend the knee to it now. The United States, albeit the entire world, needs to stand up now if they wish to continue to live under any form of democracy. The horrors of war are not pretty, there are horrible results on both combatants, but I am heartened to know that there are still people who would rather fight and die standing up than kneeling to a tyrannical maniac. May God bless and keep the people of Ukraine.

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