Having survived 7 1/2 decades, the one thing I have learned; never assume you’ve seen it all and it can’t get any more bizarre, believe me, it can.
It has become commonplace for me to wake up in the morning thoroughly convinced that I have entered a bizarre world that is another episode of the” Twilight Zone”. Yesterday Was a typical example; a young man injured 14 people in a shopping mall with a gun, was arrested, given bail of 25,000, which only requires 2500 through a bail bondsman, and was given home confinement with an ankle bracelet so that he could continue to go to work. This was not a crime of passion, not likely to be committed again, it was a random act of terrorism, whether it was because of mental capacity or some other reason has yet to be determined, the burning question is, is it safe to let him out among the public at this point?
This is not an isolated incident by any means, it is happening all across this country in different cases, even where lives have been taken and innocent bystanders injured.
The wonder of it all to me is that no one in a national level of power seems to want to address this issue. Independent business people in major cities are now afraid of losing not only their livelihoods, but they are afraid to even open their shops for fear of losing their lives!

Just today, 4/20/2022, an Atlanta, a Fulton County officer was shot six times trying to serve an arrest warrant on a young man who was out on probation, while the district attorney wanted to hold him for trial, a judge granted him bail, but the district attorney blocked it by holding the young man for a parole violation. The officer, who was shot six times in the face, is in critical condition currently. Unfortunately, this is happening far too much across the country, not only to police officers, but to everyday American citizens in public places. It is easy for some to dismiss, however, when it happens to you or me or a member of our families it’s a completely different story, and the stories are happening far too often.
We need to rethink the way some public officials are handling crime, granting bail, and releasing constant repeat offenders. I want the streets of our major cities to be safe for everyone’s families including my own. I would hope you do too.

God bless,

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