I often hear people say, “boy it’s bad, but it can’t get any worse.“

Well I’m sorry but it can, and very, very often it does.

I recently remarked to my wife, “ I going to stop saying, “Can some people be any more ignorant?”, because these people seem to take it as a challenge. Sadly, today, people are starving right here in the fruited plains, the US, and many more are struggling to decide if they spend their highly inflated, devalued money on food, rent, or meds and the beat goes on and on, government seems to think we are in great shape, due mainly to the fact that THEY are in great shape. It reminds me of the “Hunger Games” where all the rich celebrities and politicians live in luxury, and expect the hard working families of America to sacrifice to keep them in the style they are accustomed to.

The answers to the average American will start on November 8th, but the only enduring answer to a government out of control is just two simple words ; TERM LIMITS. It’s time we took control of our own destinies and say enough is enough!!!

George Washington could have been President for life, but he left saying the greatest danger to America was political partisanship and foreign wars. Apparently, we have forgotten this. The current President promised to “unite” the American people and then spent 2 years in office insulting, in one way or another, over 70% of them.

I hope all Americans can at least get behind the idea of term limits and force the government to act on them, stop and think, the current President is 79, the speaker of the house is 82, Diane Feinstein is 89, the average age of the Senate is 64, airline pilots in some cases, are forced to retire at 65, yet we allow these senators and representatives to decide the fate of 331 MILLION people!!!

Think about what you want for yourselves and your children!!

God Bless America, and may God bless you too!

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