As I have gone through my 7+ decades of life, I have assembled what I refer to as my “Wall of Honor”. There is no one famous or wealthy there, no celebrities, no wealthy people, no one other than someone who knew me extremely well would recognize.

They are people who shaped me, loved me, taught me, disciplined me, inspired me, and cared enough to show me, sometimes with great enthusiasm, when I was headed in the wrong direction in life. Honestly, a few of them, as I look back, undoubtedly saved my life.

I would suggest to you that the people who you admire most have a large influence on your outlook on life, your character and your values. If you obsessively admire the wealthy, celebrities, sports stars, etc. simply for their fame or wealth, without knowing their character or values, your aiming for a misfire in life, because you will become a person of shallow character, still today character and integrity still count, although it is becoming a lot harder to find.

I suggest you create your own “Wall of Honor” with the people who have had, and people who still, influence YOUR life in strictly POSITIVE ways. We all need more personal heroes, people we know personally, that cherish and influence us to become people of character, worth, and integrity, and less of influence from people we don’t know except by their fame or fortune. Who will be first on your Wall?

God bless and keep you..

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