The “Perfect” Job

Dream jobFirst of all let me state that I am not trying to dash anyone’s dream, nor put down the idea that it is good to work in a position that allows you to feel joy in your accomplishments.

I wish this post to be somewhat of a reality check for younger,(and I mean anyone under 50), who is been drinking the Kool-Aid of some of the new age gurus in the bookstores and on television. I know this will come as a shock to many of the twentysomething generation, but there is absolutely, positively no ” perfect” job.

If one were to listen to many of the new age gurus and authors one might think that there are these so-called perfect, dream jobs, and all that is required is perseverance to find them. Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.

The next shock that I’m about to deliver is that the main purpose of work is to earn money, not to feel enthralled in ecstasy because you have a job that you feel is so self -satisfying you don’t care if you get paid or not. Things you will need over the course of your life will include a home, health insurance, probably an automobile,clothes,(unless you intend to run a nudist camp for a living), money for retirement, unless you intend to work till you drop, leisure money,etc. etc. and food.Should you be so inclined as to want a family, you can double or quadruple the money you will need to simply live life and raise your family.

I have been watching with growing interest in the statements and writings of some of these wonderful, new age, pundits and advice “experts” who seem to think that life is all about petting the unicorns, finding the leprechaun with a pot of gold, and going through life depending upon the presence of fairy dust to solve most of life’s problems..While it is a good thing to find satisfaction in your work, work exists simply to allow you to do the same.

All jobs and positions are simply an exchange of talent or skill, or time for a reward of money. The money, for most, will allow them to pursue the most important aspects of life which are the enjoyment of your family, and by this I mean spending time with them, pursuit of all different kinds of hobbies, and the satisfaction that life offers simply through these experiences.

I will hear the argument from many that money isn’t everything, and this is  true. The argument some will give is that” money is the root of all evil”, however what the Bible really says is that the love of money is the root of all evil, and this also is true. Another truism was stated many years ago by my friend Zig Ziglar, who stated” money isn’t everything in life, but when you really, really need it, it’s fairly close to oxygen.”

The final truism of life that I will relate to you is this, even if you find a job that you absolutely positively love and it pays more than enough for you to fulfill most of your basic life wants and needs, at some point you will have to deal with coworkers, or other people in this position and you will find them very, very difficult to love, or in some cases even tolerate.. The one thing that you can be sure of is that if something seems to be perfect, somebody, somewhere, sometime will find a way to either find fault with it, or paraphrasing what we used to say in the service, they will mess it up beyond all recognition.

While I’m not trying to burst the bubble of the younger generation, I really do think it’s time somebody started telling them the real purpose of a job or career in their lives. I don’t mean to give the impression that work cannot be satisfying, rewarding and downright pleasant most of the time. Perhaps the best way I can explain this is to always keep in mind that work is exchanging your time and talent in one way or another to receive enough money to pursue what is really important in life and that is family, faith, inspiring and helping others, and probably most important, the time to ponder and appreciate the true gift that the creator has given each of us – – – a chance.
God bless your house and all who dwell within.



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Absolute Power Of Time Management = The Word NO

We are today trending socially into adding a very simple, often used word into the category of unspeakable, foul language. That word is NO.
We are losing control of our lives, our careers, and our relationships simply through the fear of using this word.

One might think that I am oversimplifying this, but stop and think, how many times in the last several weeks have you been asked to do something, allow something to happen, take on responsibilities for which you know you currently do not have any time, or said yes because you think it is to your advantage even though you may know you are ill-prepared and time starved, or simply just plain incapable of meeting the obligations and responsibilities that flow from saying yes.

The number of times I have seen this happen in the business world are almost uncountable. People accept positions, tasks, obligations, or just make promises that they know they cannot keep due to time constraints or just plain inability to accomplish these obligations, all from the fear of saying NO.


One of the greatest hazards to family,  friends, and career relationships is lack of time spent nurturing these relationships. If one thinks about it, there are countless instances one can see either in themselves, friends, relatives, and coworkers of divorces, problems, sometimes severe, with children of all ages, health conditions, failing businesses, lost friendships, all do to the inability to manage our time and, when necessary, say NO.

In the area of careers, it does no good to say yes because one thinks it will look good on their resumes or because one thinks that it will please their superiors if one cannot finish the obligation one has agreed to, or it brings great hazards and suffering to one’s personal life. This also appears when we agree to take on responsibilities in outside charitable or hobby oriented organizations, even if our intentions in doing so are good. We actually do more harm to the charitable or outside organization, by not being able to fulfill the responsibilities we’ve accepted.

You can go to hundreds of seminars, read literally hundreds of books about time management which will do you absolutely no good until you learn to use the word NO. I’m a firm believer in scheduling your time, but it does no good to do this unless you are very realistic and allow time for ALL phases of your life, the most important part being family.

The very next time someone asks you to obligate yourself and your time, even though you may have misgivings about using that dreaded word NO, take the time you need to decide if accepting this responsibility will allow you TIME for all the phases of your life, your family, your friends, your work, and most of all, allow time for YOURSELF. You will find your life less hectic, less stressful, and simply more enjoyable.

Just remember the word yes is not always the best answer, and the word NO is not always unacceptable.

God bless…


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The Ocean Will Always Change Your Perspective

Huntington Beach

One of the best decisions I have ever made, other than convincing my wife to marry me, was to buy a vacation getaway home in South Carolina. We travel there is much as possible because being near the ocean can really and truly change one’s perspective about life. Walking along the beach or simply setting in a beach chair and watching the ocean is a great deal like looking up at the stars in a clear, unpopulated, night sky.
The ocean however, as the advantage of the melodic rhythms of the tides. Anyone who spends much time by the sea begins to realize just how small human beings are in the great scheme of things anyway. Mankind likes to beat its chest and pronounce that it has discovered this or that, built this or that great monument or edifice as though there was nothing else on the planet or in the universe.
The therapy that the ocean and the nighttime sky provide is to really put into perspective just how unimportant mankind really is. There are hundreds of thousands, probably millions of creatures that populate not only the oceans but the land as well. There are billions of planets and stars in the sky, some of which I’m sure have some kind of like forms of their own, yet mankind still beats its proverbial chest and says “I am the master of all I survey”. The sheer magnitude of the ocean and the sky and the millions and billions of stars make me believe for one that mankind could be likened to simply one big ant farm somewhere.
One of the things the ocean teaches me is that there is a planet and universe so vast and so complex, for mankind to think for one second there is not a divine creator and purpose to it all that we will never be able to understand, is ludicrous. The ocean teaches me that no matter what I may think are problems, in the great scheme of things they are like a grain of sand in the ocean. I get a sense of serenity and clarity, and I take away a sense of purpose to live my life cherishing the only thing that mankind has that’s really important and that is faith, family, freedom and friends.
Here’s hoping that God will lead you to a place where you can find what I have found simply by being next to the ocean and listening to its lessons.

God bless…

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Swayed by the Spin, or Steadied by Common Sense?


This is not a political post, it is a trend of today that I am commenting on. Statistics today are like a deck of cards in a magicians hands, if you have enough skill you can make the cards do anything you wish, and so it is today with statistics. Many people use these statistics as facts upon which they base arguments for one thing or another, or one point of view or another.

Common sense however, is based mostly on what you were taught as a child and what you have experienced in your life, and have personally seen what others have experienced in theirs.

There seems to be a severe lack of common sense in today’s world. We take for granted that everything we read, supposedly based on facts or statistics, is true, even if it contradicts our own common sense based on personal and personally based experiences.

As an example, our government keeps telling us we need to spend money on this program or that program, television ads tell us we need to buy this product or that service, when common sense tells us that neither the government or our own personal budget has any discretionary monies to spend.

It is not rocket science to realize that if the government is $17 trillion dollars in debt it can ill afford to spend anything extra. Likewise as individuals, we know that most of us cannot afford a 2 or $3 million home, a new Ferrari in the driveway, or a 30 or $40,000 cruise around the world.

The government spins statistics to show that this spending package or that spending package will not raise the national debt, but common sense tells us different. It is too bad that the citizens of the country cannot operate their budgets like the government. If we could we would all have that new Ferrari, perhaps two or three of them, a million-dollar home or two, and everyone would be on a cruise somewhere. Can’t afford it? Just raise your personal debt ceiling to match your debts, if your debts get close to the ceiling, just raise it again.

The problem here is that someday, probably in the not too distant future, these debts will come due. There will be a point when the government, or our financial system, will become so overburdened with debt it will collapse. More than likely when this date draws near, the government will then try to rectify the problem by raising taxes to levels never before even dreamed of.

You see, the government brings in no revenue, no monies, it manufactures nothing, it produces nothing with the singular exception of government jobs, which are paid by the revenue the government collects from people who work in the private sector. The citizens are the moneymaking engine that drives the government, without taxes the government has no money to spend.

In conclusion, while this date of disaster may be years away, stop and think, do we really want to put the burden of all this debt upon the shoulders and backs of our children? Or for that matter, depending upon our age now, do we really want to shoulder this burden in the future?

The next time you hear some huckster from one party or another, or one pitching one product or another, spouting statistics to show you that it really is affordable, or not going to increase the national debt, listen to that little voice in the back of your head called” Common Sense”.

God bless your house and all who dwell within.

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For or Against You?

People are not against you; they are for themselves…..

What does this mean? It simply means that given choices, people in general will choose the choice that is best for them personally. Although you may wish to guide or persuade these people into a different choice, most will always choose what is best for them personally. They don’t do this out of any hate or dislike for you, but rather, they choose the path that will benefit them the most.

If you wish to persuade them otherwise, then it is up to you to show them the benefits or in some cases the responsibilities they have, that will benefit them by doing it your way. It is true in some cases that people will go out of their way to harm you and your plans simply out of hate or spite, however, this happens very rarely, but sometimes we like to think otherwise, simply as an excuse for our inability to persuade them to our way of thinking, or our plan of action.

There are many reasons why people do the things they do; personal gain, recognition, moral, ethical, and religious values, protecting their own status quo, or simply out of the fear of change. To convince them otherwise you must first entice them out of their comfort zone, show them your plan of action, and convinced them that your plan is better for them than the plan that they would normally follow by themselves.

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What We Have Lost

What We Have Lost.

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Can We Live Without Faith?

Everyone I know, or I have ever met, has  faith. They have faith in literally thousands of things. They have faith that the sun will rise in the morning, they have faith in their families, friends, etc.. They have faith that their car will start in the morning, that they still have a job to go to, that they will not be struck by lightning when they exit their homes, most have faith that there will be a today, a tomorrow, a next week, a next month, a next year.

It would be very difficult for anyone to live without faith in certain things. If you did not have any faith at all, the anxiety of the next moment, the next hour, the next day would be totally debilitating. In essence, in order to survive and interact with other human beings you must have faith of some kind and put it into action.

What boggles my mind, is some of these same people struggle with faith in a supreme being.  Some humans, I think , are the most egotistical of all beings and animals on the planet. Anyone who really believes that there is no God of any kind and the planet and all that is on it was conceived from a giant explosion billions of years ago, and it just so happens that humans ” evolved” from the remnants of this giant explosion without some kind of divine intervention truly has an ego that is definitely larger than I ever care to deal with.

I have had conversations with scientists, and acquaintances who tell me of their atheistic beliefs and espouse evolution as the only answer. When the conversation ends, I look at them and pose one question – – If you sincerely believe what you have told me, and we work from the premise of your argument and assume it is true, then my question becomes if we trace everything through your beliefs back to the first atom, the first neutron, the first proton, the first pulse of energy that ever existed, please tell me where it came from?

I never seem to get a plausible answer to that question. My intention here is not to change anyone’s beliefs or non-beliefs, it is simply a statement by me of wonder and amazement that some people live their daily lives with faith in almost everything except the possibility that there was, and is indeed a divine intelligence to our very existence.

I will sign off with a personal note, as I end all my speeches and presentations,

” May God bless your house and all who dwell within.”

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No Country For Young Men Either


military deaths

We as a nation seem to have evolved into a mindset that our military should be used as a ” police force” for any problems that seem to arise around the world. Our military was conceived as defenders of our freedom and our homeland, not a police force or diplomatic tool of politics.

History shows us that since World War II we have not fought any military action with the intention of winning it. We seem to want to fight only until some other nation, some political group, or the United Nations decides a truce is called for, then we leave completely, or become the proverbial police force only until the enemy recovers; then we must again send our troops to deal with them. There is never a defeat of our enemies, only a lull while they regain enough strength to start again.

The stark truth of the matter is that the military, when called to action,  has only two functions; to defeat and annihilate  the enemy by combat,( which means killing the enemy combatants), or to destroy the resources and leadership of the enemy by death or destruction to the point they are never able to threaten us again.

We cannot continue to threaten to use our military, our young servicemen and women, as a police force for countries that hate us to begin with. Somewhere we have lost the moral compass when deciding to put these young people in harm’s way. If Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us nothing else, they have taught us we cannot fight as policeman – we must learn to either fight wars to WIN them, or stay out of them.

It is easy for some congressmen and women, and perhaps even our Commander-in-Chief, to look at these young people not as individuals but as a unit of the military. These are young people who sought duty and love of country over personal gain and deserve better.

In conclusion, we must learn we cannot unleash the dogs of war unless we are ready, willing, and able to finish what we start, we cannot serve as policeman or hall monitors for every foreign country that has internal strife. If we are going to fight a war let us all consider the cost, and when we have, and we engage in conflict, let us use ALL our resources to support our military until our enemy is vanquished, least we become the toothless dragon that breathes no fire in the world, as we seem to be fast becoming today.

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Is America becoming a house divided?

I have sadly come to believe that perhaps America has become a house divided. There are so many labels today that people seem to want to put on themselves such as Hispanic Americans, Afro Americans, Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, Native Americans, etc. etc. etc.

While these are telling, they are not what bothers me most. The labels liberal, conservative, tea party, Socialist, left-wing, ultra liberal, diehard Democrat, staunch Republican etc. seem to have become extremely more important than the label American.

Whatever your politics, this nation is facing internal problems the like of which I have never seen in my lifetime, and believe me, my lifetime spans more than most of you. We seem to be facing these problems, not as Americans, but in accordance with the label we place on our politics.

If one’s politics leans toward the liberal side, the answer seems to be to blame past politicians who are of the conservative bent, or the current politicians of the other party. If you are conservative, then the blame seems to go to the liberal side, while we play the blame game absolutely nothing gets done to solve our problems.

We need to start thinking as Americans, not liberals or conservatives, not as Afro-Americans, not as Hispanic Americans, not as Asian Americans, not as Native Americans, but as Americans.

We also need to take a hard look at the people we have elected to represent us, not just the current administration, but Congress, state legislators, state governors, and all elected officials who seem to want to make a career out of politics.

It was never the intent of our founding fathers that politicians would make careers out of serving in the Congress or the presidency, rather it was their intent that it was a privilege to serve and an obligation, and the service would last 4 to 8 years, and then those elected would return to their former lives and occupations. Let’s face it, today our representatives seem to think that being elected and serving their country as an elected official is a career, lifelong, opportunity, and they therefore operate in their own best interest to be reelected, rather than the best interests of the country.

Also, we need to start labeling corruption and incompetence for what they are, and stop making excuses for government officials who are either corrupt or incompetent. We need, as Americans, to demand their resignations, and if warranted, their prosecution. We cannot survive in a culture of management excuses and ” I’m sorrys” and excuses that seem to blame those under the management of those making the excuses. If a government official, in a management position, cannot manage those under him or her, then they need to go to another line of work.

We live in the world as it is today, not yesterday. While mistakes may have been made in the past, constantly blaming those responsible at that time does not serve to solve the problems of today.

The solution is clear, we need to stop thinking of ourselves with labels of conservative, liberal, and quit placing our ethnic backgrounds in front of our country, we are, first and foremost, Americans. Until we start thinking of ourselves as Americans first, putting what is best for the country ahead of what is best for our pocketbooks, and our ethnic and political persuasions background second, we will continue down the road to self destruction, we need not fear a foreign enemy as long as we keep dividing ourselves into factions and political ideologies.

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One of the great” buzzwords” of today seems to be change. We hear it constantly, you must change to be relevant, those who cannot change will be left behind, change is sweeping across the country, the globe. It also seems to need to come, according to the Futurists, at an ever increasing pace soon to become very close to the speed of light.

I have no doubt that as technology and processes advance that change is inevitable. Also, due mostly to technology, I believe the speed of change in certain things will indeed increase. However, I also see a trend in society of this same need for light-speed change that seems to be creeping into behaviors, and people’s personal lives.

For example, society, advertising, peer pressure, and perhaps a general dissatisfaction with either ourselves or our lives, somehow seems to make us think that it is no longer suitable to exist with last year’s model of a computer, cell phone, tablet, automobile, or a myriad of other things. Have people really become such self-centered sheep that they think they just can’t possibly make do with last year’s model??

We all hear a lot of talk about government debt and spending, and most that I speak with seem to think that it is horrible that the government seems to keep on spending money that they don’t have, but yet we all seem to be fascinated and compelled to spend money either we don’t have, or could be well spent, or saved elsewhere, just to get the latest model of something. And today, like never ever before, we are perfectly willing to dispose and throw away anything that develops a problem rather than have it repaired. If you don’t believe this, try to find someone to come to your house to repair your television, furniture, kitchen appliances, lawn mower, etc. etc.. We would much rather in most cases throw these things away then have them repaired even, in the unlikely event, that we can find someone to repair them.

However, my greatest fear is that in society as a whole we seem to be letting this compulsion for” change” creep into our decision-making when it comes to the most important aspects of our lives, our relationships, our careers, even with some, our faith. I fear we’re becoming much too quick to dispose of some of these things as opposed to trying to repair them. Don’t like your job? Quit, get another one. Having some problems with your spouse? Divorce, get a different one. Questioning your faith? Change, get another one.

My point to this is simple, we need to start assessing whether we need to make renewed and prolonged efforts to repair things and relationships before we decide in our” light–speed change” society that they really and truly need to be changed or replaced and cannot be repaired.

God bless your house, and all who dwell within.

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