Sadly today I hear the word” entitled” thrown around entirely too much. Children are taught that […]
Today as never before, people are searching for ways to change and improve their lives. As […]
Please and Thank You By Zig Ziglar Of all the things a parent can teach a […]
“One of these days I’m going to get even with you!” is a phrase all of […]
Most of the blogs that I write are about motivation, setting goals, and managing your time. […]
I believe one of the most challenging things in life is to realize that our expectations […]
Do you have goals? Do you have dreams? Are you living your goals and dreams, or […]
1. Live with integrity and honesty, if you don’t, you have nothing. 2. Put your family […]
So Now What? I’m ready to go!!!! “Some people say motivation doesn’t last, well neither does […]
Perhaps the single biggest mistake that people make when trying to set goals is not being […]