One of the best decisions I have ever made, other than convincing my wife to marry […]
This is not a political post, it is a trend of today that I am commenting […]
Everyone I know, or I have ever met, has  faith. They have faith in literally thousands […]
One of the great” buzzwords” of today seems to be change. We hear it constantly, you […]
The overwhelming number one complaint voiced by consumers today is poor customer service, and indifference by […]
I just read an article today about the JC Penney Company. It seems that they are […]
During a recent conversation with a CEO client of mine, I asked him a cliche question,  […]
Having been an owner of several canine” Children” over the years, especially Golden Retrievers, I am […]
Sadly today I hear the word” entitled” thrown around entirely too much. Children are taught that […]
Today as never before, people are searching for ways to change and improve their lives. As […]