As I have gone through my 7+ decades of life, I have assembled what I refer […]
I can remember as a youngster hundreds of times being told if I wanted to know […]
Often today I meet some people who seem to be very unhappy with their lives. They […]
I was thinking today, over my first cup of coffee this morning, that one of the […]
First of all let me state that I am not trying to dash anyone’s dream, nor […]
We are today trending socially into adding a very simple, often used word into the category […]
I have sadly come to believe that perhaps America has become a house divided. There are […]
One of the great” buzzwords” of today seems to be change. We hear it constantly, you […]
The overwhelming number one complaint voiced by consumers today is poor customer service, and indifference by […]
I just read an article today about the JC Penney Company. It seems that they are […]